Leave Samsung, Apple Perform Test Chip A6

The test usually done by computer hardware manufacturers to ensure product quality and is usually carried out a series of tests so that the hardware can later communicate optimally with its software. Usually if a company already melakukanTinggalkan Samsung, Apple Perform Test Chip A6 trial, before long there will be a massive production with a record of the trial was running smoothly.

According to Reuters, Samsung is a great company that is usually used to make chips A5 Apple, but all that will change none other than because of legal issues between them. Based on reports from Reuters, Apple reported using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to produce the latest generation of Apple's chip A6 which is currently in test phase.
William Wang analyst at Fubon Securities said that the main problem of the chip A6 is not whether Apple will use TSMC's true or not, but how many orders will be transferred to TSMC to make chips A6. He thinks Apple may only be ordered about 20-30% of the total chip A6 required Apple to TSMC.
As usual, Apple and all partners (and former partners) was not going to comment on this story. TSMC itself is not the manufacturer of ARM processor let alone yesterday afternoon they had invested up to 7 billion dollars to update their technology and manufacturing facilities. Does the delay time of release because Apple wants the iPhone 5 directly embed the chip compared with A5 A6? A6 itself rumored is based on four core processors.
But we'll wait if the rumor is true or not, let alone time to be decisive. but if this is true then this will be the thing that really menakjubkan.semoga this article useful to you all ... greetings Auror
Post Title : Leave Samsung, Apple Perform Test Chip A6

Leave Samsung, Apple Perform Test Chip A6,

Leave Samsung, Apple Perform Test Chip A6

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